New look for! has a new look, a new implementation (no that much actually), new libraries and ... new visitors! Let briefly discuss these news in turn.

Thank you visitors

According to google analytics, the first paper on Logical Data Independence has been read by a lot of people (I'm really impressed I admit). That's a great idea visitors, the next paper about this topic will then be made available quickly! My blog does not allow posting comments for now, but don't hesitate to send me an email (blambeau at gmail) if one topic really matters for you!

Thank you GitHub

I've moved a lot of my open-source developments on github recently. There's new libraires there:

  • WLang is now considered stable (version 0.9.1). For recall, WLang is a code generator and templatin engine. This blog, for example is entirely generated with WLang (see below)
  • Waw is a web framework, an alternative to Rails! More information about it in a few weeks. Waw is currently in very active development, but has its first adopters: have a look at the website of Hit-Radio, a new belgian radio and the UCLouvain ACM Student Chapter.
  • DbAgile is the library I will use to celebrate the 40th birthday of the relational model. It's time to have tools for managing our databases... and it's time to provide alternatives to ORMs.

Thank you CodeRay, RedCloth, WLang

As I've said previously, this blog has a new implementation. The principle (explained in first posts) is unchanged, but WLang is now used to generate the website in different versions. The migration from dedicated code to WLang opens a lot of possibilities: inline code is pretty-printed thanks to coderay, sources of the articles are now written in redcloth, and so on. The source code is really simple, and distributed for free on my github pages repository. Have a look at the revision-zero branch and on the book post, it's so simple ;-)

Thank you Free-CSS

Once again... because designing websites is not an art I master. I'm currently looking for logos, images, web designs for my different open-sources projects (and for as well)... notice to fans ;-)